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【Order Buffet】 Over 50 kinds of dishes and over 10 kinds of homemade dessert all you can eat ★ ★ 2980 yen

【Order Buffet】 Over 50 kinds of dishes and over 10 kinds of homemade dessert all you can eat ★ ★ 2980 yen

By using a coupon2980 yen

Tax excluded ※ Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays are +380 yen (excluding tax)

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Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

※ 12/22 ~ 12/25 can not be used.All-you-can-eat unlimited all-you-can-eat course all-you-can-eat! Paris eateries Delicious local cuisine and authentic cuisine from all over the world are of course new on the Grand Menu! New milestones will definitely be found! ! ※ until LO 22: 00

Course menu

◆ Notes ◆ For more than 10 people, we do not receive it.

For 7 to 9 people, we will first offer menu + 4 popular menu items.

※ Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays +380 yen (excluding tax)

"Discount rate of kids"

Elementary school student (4 to 6 years) 2480 yen (excluding tax) / elementary school student (1 to 3 years) 1980 yen (tax excluded) / 4 years old or less Elementary school student less than 1480 yen (tax not included) / under 3 years free

※ Fridays Saturday and Sunday public holidays +380 yen (excluding tax) ※ 2 people ~ all the group will be the same (1 person will be separately available).


First garlic toast / daily carpaccio / consommé soup served


Paparian Fresh Fresh Spring Roll / Pumpkin's Warm Cream Soup / Potato Fly / Iron Board Bagna Cowder

Taro potato gratin / pork rose onion Cheese bake / sweet pepper rose roll Mozzarella cheese stuffed

Eggplant's Takara miso cheese grill


Salt mackerel white salad / bacon and palmezan, spinach salad

Grilled kelp dressing salad with beef


Ajiriyo with rice and onions


Prime beef croquette / Braised cheese and cheese wrapped in tortilla

Steamed / Miso pepper cut corn with sweet potato / steamed chicken steak

Baked with young chicken and mushrooms with cream cooked bamboo / spare ribs

Low-temperature roast beef of beef / stewed beef with Achilles red wine


Fresh fish's spicy daily sour sauce / snow crab Italian fried egg

Grilled salmon cheese / oyster and spinach codaif

Grass shrimp frit spicy bitter tomato fondue sauce / seafood merrymero seaweed butter saute


Concentrated carbonara / cream pasta of spinach and spinach / porcini fragrant tomato spa / cod this cream pasta

Clam and scallops, Chowder Soups Spa of Chinese cabbage / Shrimp and Grilled Onion, Japanese Roasted Konbu Spa

Pig Rose and Olive's Angry Baby Garlic Pasta / Oil Sadden and Mushroom Garlic Pasta

"One dish of matching"

Mashed potatoes / corn butter / sauteed of mushrooms / pumpkin

"Rice and bread"

Garlic toast / rice / porcini garlic rice


White chocolate tart / praline purine / tiramisu / Matcha souffled cheese

Claim Danju / Pear's Crafty / Apple's Cuttle Curl / Gateau Chocolat

Catarana / pancake / vanilla ice / Anno potato ice / yogurt sorbet

2018/12/12 update